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Exquisite Visions

> One’s awareness, Emergence, and Evolution come, when its time, from teachers, from enemies, from the complete spectrum of forms of relationships and experiences.
> Is there significance for me, or you in the moment we share? Whether its brief and has no perceivable reason or long and intimate. I am studying contemplating, and recognizing the resulting lessons or effects, if any, at a physical, mental, or Spiritual level. I intuit tangible results.
> My medium of choice is a vehicle of variation and exploration. I work in many layers, using a myriad of forms. My philosophy and aesthetics are the fibers that run through them, connecting, emerging, and expanding.
> Are you interested? I invite you to participate and I’ll teach what I know and learn all I can. There are a few ways of contributing to this site. Responding to a blog post is the clearest. There are a lot of valuable tools and resources available here. 

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